Permissionless lending to
institutional borrowers

Single borrower liquidity pools. Lend digital assets, receive risk-adjusted returns.
No lock-up period, withdraw anytime. Available on Ethereum & Polygon.

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Supply Intelligently
Lend to who you want, when you want. Withdraw at any time subject to liquidity. Risk-
adjusted interest rates provide higher returns when liquidity risk increases.
No sign-up. Connect your wallet and lend instantly to the borrowers of your choice.
No lockup period
Lend or withdraw your assets whenever you want, subject to available liquidity. Claim your interest at any time.
Dynamic & compounding
Receive higher rates when liquidity risk increases. Compounding interest accrues block-by-block.
Risk profiling
Borrowers are rated for creditworthiness by Credora*.
*Ratings are external to the Clearpool Protocol and not endorsed by Clearpool.
Borrow Efficiently
Borrow without collateral. Dynamic interest rates. Control your own pool and build a
DeFi credit profile.
Instant access to liquidity
Drawdown, repay and pay interest whenever you want. Interest accrues to utilization block-by-block.
  • Diversified funding
  • No collateral required
  • No scheduled repayments

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