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About Clearpool
The first decentralized dynamic marketplace for institutional unsecured capital
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Our Team
Clearpool was founded by professionals from the traditional
 finance, fintech, internet and blockchain industries.
Robert Alcorn, CFA
Co-Founder, CEO
Previously Executive Director, Head of Repo Trading APAC at first Abu Dhabi bank.
Alessio Quaglini
Co-Founder, Senior Advisor
CEO of Hex Trust. Previously at First Abu Dhabi Bank, BBVA, Accenture and CONSOB.
Jakob Kronbichler
Co-Founder, CCO
Previously Commercial Director at Aspire - South East Asia’s leading digital Neobank and Rocket Internet.
Product & Development
Vadim Zolotokrylin – CTO
Pavel Ivanov – Technical Lead
Dan Kaizer – Senior Blockchain Advisor
Egor Polyakov – Smart Contract Developer
Konstantin Mednikov – Front-End Developer
Max Terehov – QA Engineer
Marketing & Operations
Sam Ameen – CMO
Varinder Singh – Head of Operations
Andrew Logan – Marketing Manager
Business Development
Jeremiah Marquez – Head of BD
Smart Lending
Single-borrower liquidity pools give you the ability to decide
 which institutions to lend to
Compare and select borrower pools on the Clearpool App Lend page.
Supply USDC liquidity and receive cpTokens in return.
Start earning USDC interest and CPOOL rewards, compounded on every block.
CPOOL tokens can be delegated to participate in governance actions and earn additional rewards (coming soon).
Redeem at any time. No lock-up, pools are designed to provide a liquid exit.
cpTokens represent the liquidity that you have supplied to a pool and accrue the USDC interest on every block. cpTokens also lay the foundation for a future liquid secondary trading market and additional products to assist lenders with risk management and hedging exposures.
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Capital Efficient Borrowing
Single-borrower, dynamic interest, continuous duration liquidity pools. Clearpool provides institutional borrowers with fast, flexible and efficient access to unsecured liquidity from a diversified and decentralized network of global lenders.
Become a borrower
Contact our team at [email protected] to start the whitelisting process.
Once whitelisted, stake CPOOL to launch your liquidity pool to the marketplace.
High CPOOL rewards APR will attract liquidity to your pool.
Borrow liquidity. Optimize your utilization rate with your target interest rate.
No scheduled interest or principal payments. Interest accrues to your utilization rate on every block.
Permisissioned Pools
Clearpool Permissioned Pools give borrowers the ability to launch pools with permissoned lenders who have completed full KYC procedures.
For more infromation about Permissioned Pools please contact [email protected].
Powered by – The best place to lend stablecoins – CPOOL
Powering an ecosystem
CPOOL is the utility and goverance token that powers the Clearpool ecosystem
Utility & governance
Borrowers stake CPOOL before launching liquidity pools

Delegated staking earns additional rewards and helps to secure the Clearpool economy Coming soon
 a fixed supply of
As Clearpool progresses towards full decentralization, CPOOL holders will govern the future direction of the protocol through on-chain governance proposals and voting
Creating tokenholder value
A protocol buyback and burn mechanism which will make CPOOL a deflationary asset
Single token staking
CPOOL can be staked on KuCoin and AscendEX
CPOOL can be traded on:
KuCoin, Gate, AscendEX
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