About Clearpool

The first decentralized dynamic
marketplace for institutional capital

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The Team

Clearpool was founded by professionals from the traditional finance, fintech, internet and blockchain industries.

  • Robert Alcorn, CFA

    Robert Alcorn, CFA

    Co-Founder, Chairman

    Previously Executive Director, Head of Repo Trading APAC at First Abu Dhabi bank.

  • Jakob Kronbichler

    Jakob Kronbichler

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Previously Commercial Director at Aspire - South East Asia's leading digital Neobank and Rocket Internet.

  • Alessio Quaglini

    Alessio Quaglini

    Co-Founder, Senior Advisor

    CEO of Hex Trust. Previously at First Abu Dhabi Bank, BBVA, Accenture and CONSOB.

  • Product & Development

    Vadim Zolotokrylin  –  Chief of Product & Technology
    Mark Curchin  –  Lead Designer
    George Ciubotaru  –  Lead Developer
    Addis Belete  –  Full-stack Developer
    Power Sunday  –  Full-stack Developer
    Predrag Lapadatović  –  UI/UX Designer
    Danya Novik  –  Smart Contract Developer
  • Marketing & Operations

    Sam Ameen  –  Chief of Marketing
    Varinder Singh  –  Head of Operations
    Andrew Logan  –  Marketing Manager
  • Business Development

    Jeremiah Marquez  –  Head of BD


Pavel Ivanov, Dan Kaizer, Anna Voshkarina, Egor Polyakov, Alex Davydov, Vladimir Ivanov, Max Terekhov, Roman Strekha, Alexandr Kondakov

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Powered by CPOOL

  • Powering an ecosystem
    CPOOL is the utility and goverance token that powers the Clearpool
  • Utility & governance
    Borrowers stake CPOOL before launching liquidity pools

    Lenders stake CPOOL to enhance lending APR's

    Delegated staking earns additional rewards and helps to secure the Clearpool economy
  • Fixed supply
    CPOOL has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000
    Buybacks & Token Burning
    Buybacks & Token Burning Protocol revenue is used to buyback CPOOL on the open market. Buybacks are divided between the burn account and the rewards pool.

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  • Open market
    Trade CPOOL on centralized and decentralized exchanges
    Buy CPOOL
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Earn CPOOL today by providing liquidity to vetted borrowers and
stake to earn additional rewards.
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