Earn Market Leading
Returns On Your
START EARNINGProvide liquidity to leading institutions and earn attractive risk-adjusted yields paid every block!
Lenders Access The Same Opportunities as Institutional Investors
Uncollateralized Liquidity for Verified Institutional Borrowers
Compounding Interest Earned on Every Block
No KYC Needed for Lending
Backed By
The Best
Capital Markets Reinvented
Earn Interest with Every Block
Earned interest is accumulated per block and automatically compounded
Lend And Redeem At Any Time
Clearpool doesn’t hold custody of your funds. Deposit or redeem your balance at any time.
*Subject to available liquidity
Earn Even More with CPOOL Rewards
CPOOL tokens are distributed to protocol contributors for lending and staking
CPOOL is Clearpool’s utility and governance token.
CPOOL can be staked to earn attractive rewards and boost lending APR`s. Staking CPOOL is also a required action for borrowers.
CPOOL is deflationary through a protocol buyback and burning mechanism.
Eventually, CPOOL holders will have the ability to vote on the future direction of the protocol, and to whitelist new borrowers.
Provide liquidity into borrowing pools and earn CPOOL token rewards on top of stablecoin interest rate payments
Coming Soon
Stake your CPOOL tokens with our protocol-native staking program
Fixed APR Staking
Stake on centralized exchanges and earn fixed APY (%) in CPOOL tokens
Coming Soon
Clearpool is a decentralized protocol with on-chain governance. Eventually all CPOOL holders will have the power to vote on the future direction of the protocol and to whitelist new borrowers
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